5 Things to do in Nashville

1. Sporting

things to do in nashville

Nashville, formally known as music city, is home to various sporting teams. The Tennessee Titans are a professional football team competing in the National Football League. Their home games are based out of Nissan Stadium. Tickets can be considered economical if purchased with anticipation. Their season schedule can be seen on Ticket Master.
    Inclusively for teams in the professional leagues are the Nashville Predators. The professional hockey teams competes in the National Hockey League with an extensive record. Join the Nashville crowd as the predators defend their home, The Bridgestone Arena, at the next game.

2. Tours

things to do as a couple

There is a lot to see and experience in Nashville such as the Parthenon and the ever so widely known Lovers Circle. Many transportation providers such as Nashville Party Bus rentals, Max Limos, and pedal taverns companies can help you get the most put of your Nashville visit. Between these providers you can be thoroughly informed of key spots at each destination.
   For instance when visiting the Parthenon your key point would be the Parthenon itself. Within the Parthenon, a replica of the one in Athens, is a museum offering lots of history and artifacts. Just outside the monument is a romantic miniature lake where you can feed ducks and turtles. Not too far from the Parthenon is the perfect view of the city called Lover’s Circle. This eye candy of a land mark is the perfect pit stop to view the city as a whole. The Parthenon is a great asset in the 5 things to do in Nashville.

3. Fine Dining

5 things to do

The city offers sporting games, eye candy landmarks, and tours. No trip would be complete without stopping by a five star restaurant. Nashville is not only home to country music but also to extraordinary entrees. First in the spotlight is J Alexander’s with their mouthwatering choices of premium cut steak prepared over wood burning flames. The selection and upscale customer service distinguishes this restaurant from any other.
   Similar in this industry is a well-known restaurant names Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Also and similarly to J Alexander’s, this fine dining restaurant excels in the art of cuisine. Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse offers a satisfactory selection of meats, sushi, and adult beverages.

4. Couple’s Retreat

couple in nashville tn

It’s common for couples to want to get some alone time and Nashville is the perfect place to host it. The events are extensive as well as Nashville’s hospitality services. Common things for couples to do include wine tasting and horseback riding.
   The service at Belle Meade Winery is hands down the top three for Nashville. While being in the top three, it’s defiantly not the busiest allowing for better user experience. You can receive optimal results by booking in advance. Couples have rated Nashville and Texas wine tasting to be of similar quality. If wine tasting does not fit your style, then who could say no to horseback riding? The most popular choice is Juro Stables that can accommodate private and group rides. Juro Stables offers the most scenery within available trails than any other horseback riding service.

 5. Bar Hopping

downtown Nashville

The last idea of the 5 things to do in Nashville, a city on the rise, is car hopping. This idea gives the opportunity to meet new people. The best picks on the list include The Stage and Legends Corner. Both of these bars include live music and offer cold beer. It’s hard to choose between ranking these two for spot number one, but they are practically next door to each other.
   Similarly enough the two are on the street called Broadway, This street is the headquarters for local bars and souvenirs. Nashville is about twenty-three minuets from BNA Airport, so when will you take a trip to Music City?

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