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5 Things To Avoid Consuming Before your event

what to avoid eating before your event

What To Avoid

More than likely it is the day before your event and anxiety is building.The pressure is rising because everything needs to come out perfect. The content has never been greater; it is the day you have been waiting for. What should you avoid consuming, and what could you be doing? for starters you should immediately avoid alcohol, beans, hot sauce, apple juice, and milk.

These five consumption items are all subject to cause nausea, gas, drowsiness, and impaired judgement. It is not a good idea to consume any of these items in order to function at your fullest. The day before your event should be a calm and well planned out and productive day. More items to probably avoid can be obtained from Max Limos.

Better Alternatives

Their are several ways to keep anxiety down and step into your awaited day with a leveled head. You should always consider small tasks and events. Small tasks include coloring, jogging, and sitting back on the couch. More adventurous people can consider limo tours with excellent rates, day spas, or golfing. Some may also prefer some family time on a lake front. The goal again is to keep your mind off things for the time being. Research suggests that by keeping your mind off of things you can have 72%more of a pleasant time. In the double bling study, held by max limos, people who are complete engaged in events set for a further day were more worn out and subject to fatigue.

What To Expect

By not consuming some or all of the items mentioned you can expect to feel your best. You will also be avoiding some unnecessary trips to the bathroom. In most cases people may even feel that they have over reacted by feeling anxiety. Others may have the simple need to keep their minds busy.