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5 Family Retreat Ideas

max limos family retreat ideas

1.Nashville Shores

The family can grab their swimming wear and get ready for a refreshing day in the water! Nashville Shores feathers 385 acres that can cool everyone off. Their are several water filled slides that can make you feel alive. With an interactive children’s park it can site people of all ages! Nashville Shores also features a lazy river that can give you the opportunity to relax and unwind.

2.Kentucky Kingdom

Looking for an adventure with in family bonding time? With Kentucky Kingdom being located in Louisville, Kentucky the drive can defiantly allow for family socializing. The 63 acre park can defiantly insure that your loved ones will not go too far. Kentucky Kingdom is well known for family attractions as the majority of rides are family designed, The water parks main attraction is Hurricane Bay and offers adrenaline rushes for thrill seekers. The amusement park is one of the further most locations in this guide, so Max Limos discourages any drowsy driving.

3. Chuck E Cheese

Happiness is around the corner with several hundreds of chuck e cheese locations in the united states and Canada, More than likely it will be the closest family attraction you can attend with the added benefits of unlimited pizza. Chuck E Cheese has amazing food options suitable for all ages. The games and entertainment are swapped for user tokens and happiness. Guests can choose from arcade gaming and now also from virtual reality. For other tastes, people can choose from physical motion such as basketball and whack-a-mole. At the end of your trip awarded tickets can be exchanged for prizes.

4. Ice Hockey

Attracted to specialty fun? Ice hockey needs an attentive provider, but the sport requires no skill. Ice hockey can easily be mastered with clear guidance. The friendly competitiveness between family members keep the puck sliding, Between the puck sliding back and fourth with rapid arm movement the family will defiantly have a good time. Imagine sliding on top of with a cool breeze going past your face. Because ice hockey is not a common attraction their will be less of a waiting line, When attempting to avoid long lines the best time to go to any place is during the weekday. The secrete rule of thumb is waking up three hours earlier than when your destination opens. By waking up very early, you can insure that you are first in line. You can say that by being there first you can be first to break the ice.

5. Disney Land

Some family trips and bonding time take place out of state. Being so, most prefer to take an airplane to their state’s destination and Max Limos has the perfect rates for a trip t the airport to this Florida destination. By using a transportation service to the airport you can save a lot of money on parking. Once arrived most people usually like to check into their lodging facility that Disney land also has available. Aside from having some luxury lodging Disney land offers several rides.The amusement park offers wet and dry rides, In between each ride you can have a picture or meet and greet with some of Disney’s famous characters. Popular and well known characters include Donald Duck, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse.

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